Sunday, 9 December 2012

Trending Topic: Leave It In 2012


With #LeaveItIn2012 trending all over Twitter we couldn’t help but put together our own list of fashion faux pas’ that would be better off staying in the closet throughout the new year.

Lady Gaga tried to be ‘normal’ putting aside the telephone headgear and raw meat jumpsuits, and instead wearing sheer tights over a thong – yes, in public. We then came to realise that we would take the old wild and crazy Gaga outfits any day.

In contrast, Nikki Minaj chose to cover all at the Grammy Awards, turning up in a silk red nuns habit with the pope on her arm. Our thoughts? Stick to the spandex Nikki. On to the more stylish, Nicola Roberts has always been a fashion favourite, though the ongoing 2012 celebrity assumption that it is ok to go out in just a top, has to stop. Her oversized sports luxe jumper is screaming for a pair of trousers, leggings, anything – though not Rita Ora’s dollar shorts, which we are sure, were borrowed from Jay Z’s 90’s wardrobe.

Lastly we turn to Britney Spears, indeed crop tops are on trend this season, though a slice of midriff is all that is needed. Baring belly button and all with a tight blue mini skirt, makes our eyes hurt a little. And so, a hopeful message to all, please #LeaveItIn2012.   

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Baroque-ing Our Way Through Winter

Having rocked the Dolce & Gabbana catwalk this season, the baroque trend is now rocking all of our wardrobes this winter. Think gold embellishment and black velvet, think heavy jewelry and brocade – and you have baroque in a nutshell. The backlash against minimalism has taken over the high street, with luxe fabrics, and party gear flowing from our very own Topshop, River Island and Asos.

Whether you’re sporting the trend through shades like Rihanna’s Mercura NYC pair, or through a curvaceous floor sweeper like Beyonce, there’s just enough time to jump on it before summer.