Thursday, 19 July 2012

Beyonce's Braids

It’s safe to say we never saw this one coming. Where long curly locks have played a central part to her performances, head banging and all, Beyonce has now traded it all in for braids. The stage's wind machine no longer has a purpose. As with every look, Bey is rocking the braids well. Statement bun, model-esque pony tail whoever could be her inspiration? Little sis, Solange maybe? Undoubtedly her sister has taken on box braids as her own, over the last few years, bringing back the side pony and working the African head tie. Though as both sisters are taking a step outside of the female-celebs-must-have-long-glossy-weave cycle, we must congratulate them for their break through. For those who aren't rocking the look already, after Beyonce's input the trend is sure to catch on. Knowles sisters, we salute.

Monday, 16 July 2012

British Heritage Trend


Tweed, plaid and herringbone can only mean one thing, the British Heritage trend is here. A look fit to take a stroll in the countryside, or as recently shown, fit to rock most of the Autumn/Winter 2012 catwalk shows. Throw on a tweed pencil skirt, white chiffon blouse and a boxy jacket – Coco Chanel is our muse.

Burberry Prorsum, Chloé and Tommy Hilfiger channelled the style through structured blazers, crisp tapered trousers and long-line coats, adding an edge with a raised collar. Keeping up appearances follows the season’s trend, where looking posh no longer receives a turned up nose. We look for style inspiration from the local horse rider, with hareem pants and knee-high boots featured heavily in the Tommy Hilfiger collection. We also look to masculine figures for British Heritage inspiration and unsurprisingly our grandma’s! Brits do it best. God save the queen!

                                                                                                           Harper's Bazaar, Asos images