Saturday, 20 August 2011

To The MAX...

Pleated Maxi skirt: Zara, Leopard print belt: Topshop, Bandeau: New Look

So it seems that my new winter staple is the same as last season’s. It is the maxi skirt: an all year rounder, fulfilling my every need. Complementing to all figures and most importantly, complementing to mine – not meant in a smug sense of course – though for my small frame (at 5ft2) it works wonders. Hello elongation.

I wore the pleated one above for my cousins 21st birthday. Indeed, a night out without something short and fitted doesn’t really seem like a night out, but the change was healthy (as they say) – and I feel that having my midriff on show balanced out the formality of the skirt.

The answer to whether the maxi look will work for winter is a 100% yes. Throw in a wedge boot and slouched jumper in the mix and you're good to go.

Next stop? Topshop. Their emerald green side split maxi is pulling on my heartstrings. Even more so because it’s in the maternity section! Sad times. This is where my sewing skills come into practice. By the end of the week that skirt shall be mine…

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Saturday, 13 August 2011

LOOK Blogging Competition Entry

Hurrah! The LOOK show is here once again!

The Mango AW11 range is set to hit the LOOK runway

Lily Melrose - winner of last years blogging competition - well deserved!

To be front row at the LOOK AW11 show would give me the same thrill as a Charlotte Olympia shoe giveaway. Indeed it is here once again, The LOOK show. Flashing lights hit the stage, an array of REAL size models hit the catwalk and we see upcoming high street trends at their best. Hopes for fur, hopes for cashmere, hopes to be close enough to feel them (if we tried). And it all comes down to the same thing, will I or won’t I get the free tickets? Year after year I apply, and year after year I fail in receiving them. Sigh.

Whilst flicking through LOOK the other day I came across the blogging competition, a chance to blog live on the front row of the LOOK show – turning the page from that moment, was not an option. So here is my entry…

As a journalism student (specialising in fashion) there are no words to describe how HUGE this chance would be. Aspirations of being a fashion journalist travelling from show to show, reporting fashion as it happens, finally wouldn’t seem so far fetched. I think I should be sat on that front row of the LOOK show because I don’t see fashion blogging as a job; it’s what I genuinely love to do. Expressing my thoughts on different trends and style concepts is what I enjoy, and I adore the reception that I get.

Whether people agree with my thoughts or not, just knowing that they have read my work is the ultimate satisfaction. And just to think, this opportunity could broaden my audience even more! It would truly be the kick-start to my career in the fashion industry.

I read LOOK weekly so writing for them would be such an honour. Sure we’re all a sucker for Vogue now and then, though as much as I like the clothes featured, my bank balance begs to differ. LOOK and I however, have an understanding (it seems) and I respect its dominant coverage of high street trends – something that was once incongruent in fashion mags.

If I won, I would take on the blogging role as if it was made for me. One thing I’ve learnt whilst studying journalism at university, is that meeting deadlines is crucial! So my fingers are already, ‘at the ready’. No detail can be left out, from the shoes to the hairstyle; I will be that human update.

Everyday I’m learning about the industry and about myself, winning this competition however would be the greatest learning curve to date. I can just imagine it now, sitting in the front row with the style of Alexa Chung and the poise of Mrs Beckham – one can dream.

It’s worth a try. Fingers crossed!

Sam x

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

To Bowl or Not To Bowl?

Bowler hat from a stall in Brick Lane

Fearne switches it up with a pretty dress and androgynous boots

The bowler adds quirkiness to Micha's figure hugging ensemble

Top Cat rocks the look effortlessly with a matching waistcoat. Love it.

So it turns out Charlie Chaplin and I have similar taste in style – who would have thought? No moustache – just that we are both a fan of the bowler hat. I’ve been meaning to get one for a while. Mischa Barton and Fearne Cotton make it seem effortless – you throw the hat on with a plain outfit and instantly you have an edge. And as edgy as I can be, I weren’t sure if the hat really suited my look – but on a trip to Brick Lane this weekend, the irresistible price of £20 lured me in to a classic black bowler with a red side feather.

I’m still deciding whether or not to keep the feather… it does make me feel a bit like I could hang out with Top Cat and his gang if I really wanted to. I guess that’s what makes it different though. And to be honest, its slightly kookier than my average choice but I can just see it now, with a pleated maxi skirt, biker jacket and wedge boots - hello winter chic.

We like that woollen halo and the quirky saint that its wearers become. It’s perfect for the winter as it approaches, but keeps the sun out in the mean time. Quote of the week: We love to bowl!