Saturday, 31 December 2011

Style Icon of 2011: Kourtney Kardashian

So the long year has come to an end, and we’ve seen it all from Katy Perry’s sequinned Smurf dress to Princess Beatrice’s Royal Wedding, scorpion hat (the ultimate fashion faux pas that shockingly made an immense amount of money – Princess B we salute) but the celeb that wins hands down on the fashion front this year is, Kourtney Kardashian.

Claiming the cat eye sunglasses as her own and giving the suede trilby a casual flair we can never doubt Miss Kardashian’s style. Her look is clean cut yet edgy. Her outfit of the year? The white ruffle neck blouse with high waisted wide-leg tailored trousers and leopard print belt. Effortlessness meets couture and androgyny meets femininity (and her trademark bun, of course). As a fiend to monochrome, tapered trousers and feather necklaces – we’re only left in hope for the key to her wardrobe.

Overshadowed by her sisters Kourtney’s style is under rated, though next year is the year to start taking note.  Quote of the year: We love Kourtney! 

Happy New Year x

Saturday, 24 September 2011

London Fashion Week

First day at Fashion Week with FNO magazine

Got some great words of wisdom from Suzie Bubble
Me and Brix Smith Start
 Mark Fast collection

It's terrible that its taken so long for me to post about London Fashion Week but its never too late!  
So my first experience of London Fashion Week was  AMAZING. I went along with the Fashion News Outlet Magazine team, which is an online fashion magazine that I write for and indeed, I have been to a number of fashion events but NEVER like this. Style everywhere I turned, outfits to die for and celebrities... I loved every moment. We attended the Caroline Charles show on the first day which had an array of classic styles, boxy blazer suits, rounded collars and floral knee length dresses, prim, proper, on point. Mark Fast's stole the show for me. Dark, edgy crochet knits, bouncy empire lines and textured floor sweepers. To own his collection would not be a bad thing. 
The shows were great, the people were amazing - first and formost, Miss Suzie Bubble, the queen of the fashion blog was such an honour to meet. She gave me great blogging advice and just like her blog, she was such an inspiration. Next Brix Smith-Start -I almost died when I saw her, queen of minx nails, princess of couture - I just had to get a snapshot. I also met Jade from the Sugababes, Peaches Geldof and Gemma Cairney from BBC 1xtra - who was was hilarious. Aside from the celebs there were so many fresh talented designers that stood out to me. Jewelry designer Kyle Hoppkin's is definetley one to watch out for, along with Alexander Huck who's bird hat creation was show stopping and Liu Liu who's avant garde designs are featured in our new issue of FNO magazine! 

Altogether the street style pics we got were immense and I made some great contacts. Fashion week has always been my dream, and to be at the forefront of such creativity was an experience that I will NEVER forget. 

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Prozena Schouler A/W 11

Prozena Schouler has officially confirmed my look for this Autumn/Winter. Rebelling against the common assumption that winter must be dull and grey, we say hello to clashing prints, colour and a native theme reminding us of the nomads – or to the modern eye, a tribalistic icon.

Genius is the clash of the print. Winter wear becomes bold, as the stylistic duo brings us to question, why the pattern on our jumper should match our trousers. Playing it safe is not an option. The NY based designers introduce vibrancy to winter wear that is often hidden most conveniently behind a big coat – we’ve all done it!
Analytically looking at it, the Schouler’s classic jumpers and loose fit harem pants aren’t really a bold move, it’s the clashing patterns that show bravery.

So I’m thinking I’ll pace myself into the trend. I’ll begin with a pair of tribal cropped trousers and a plain black blouse then when the time is right, I’ll throw a kooky jumper into the mix. I’m ready for the snow!

Hats off to Prozena Schouler on this one - we salute you. 

Saturday, 20 August 2011

To The MAX...

Pleated Maxi skirt: Zara, Leopard print belt: Topshop, Bandeau: New Look

So it seems that my new winter staple is the same as last season’s. It is the maxi skirt: an all year rounder, fulfilling my every need. Complementing to all figures and most importantly, complementing to mine – not meant in a smug sense of course – though for my small frame (at 5ft2) it works wonders. Hello elongation.

I wore the pleated one above for my cousins 21st birthday. Indeed, a night out without something short and fitted doesn’t really seem like a night out, but the change was healthy (as they say) – and I feel that having my midriff on show balanced out the formality of the skirt.

The answer to whether the maxi look will work for winter is a 100% yes. Throw in a wedge boot and slouched jumper in the mix and you're good to go.

Next stop? Topshop. Their emerald green side split maxi is pulling on my heartstrings. Even more so because it’s in the maternity section! Sad times. This is where my sewing skills come into practice. By the end of the week that skirt shall be mine…

P.S. I finally jumped on twitter, follow me :) ...

Saturday, 13 August 2011

LOOK Blogging Competition Entry

Hurrah! The LOOK show is here once again!

The Mango AW11 range is set to hit the LOOK runway

Lily Melrose - winner of last years blogging competition - well deserved!

To be front row at the LOOK AW11 show would give me the same thrill as a Charlotte Olympia shoe giveaway. Indeed it is here once again, The LOOK show. Flashing lights hit the stage, an array of REAL size models hit the catwalk and we see upcoming high street trends at their best. Hopes for fur, hopes for cashmere, hopes to be close enough to feel them (if we tried). And it all comes down to the same thing, will I or won’t I get the free tickets? Year after year I apply, and year after year I fail in receiving them. Sigh.

Whilst flicking through LOOK the other day I came across the blogging competition, a chance to blog live on the front row of the LOOK show – turning the page from that moment, was not an option. So here is my entry…

As a journalism student (specialising in fashion) there are no words to describe how HUGE this chance would be. Aspirations of being a fashion journalist travelling from show to show, reporting fashion as it happens, finally wouldn’t seem so far fetched. I think I should be sat on that front row of the LOOK show because I don’t see fashion blogging as a job; it’s what I genuinely love to do. Expressing my thoughts on different trends and style concepts is what I enjoy, and I adore the reception that I get.

Whether people agree with my thoughts or not, just knowing that they have read my work is the ultimate satisfaction. And just to think, this opportunity could broaden my audience even more! It would truly be the kick-start to my career in the fashion industry.

I read LOOK weekly so writing for them would be such an honour. Sure we’re all a sucker for Vogue now and then, though as much as I like the clothes featured, my bank balance begs to differ. LOOK and I however, have an understanding (it seems) and I respect its dominant coverage of high street trends – something that was once incongruent in fashion mags.

If I won, I would take on the blogging role as if it was made for me. One thing I’ve learnt whilst studying journalism at university, is that meeting deadlines is crucial! So my fingers are already, ‘at the ready’. No detail can be left out, from the shoes to the hairstyle; I will be that human update.

Everyday I’m learning about the industry and about myself, winning this competition however would be the greatest learning curve to date. I can just imagine it now, sitting in the front row with the style of Alexa Chung and the poise of Mrs Beckham – one can dream.

It’s worth a try. Fingers crossed!

Sam x

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

To Bowl or Not To Bowl?

Bowler hat from a stall in Brick Lane

Fearne switches it up with a pretty dress and androgynous boots

The bowler adds quirkiness to Micha's figure hugging ensemble

Top Cat rocks the look effortlessly with a matching waistcoat. Love it.

So it turns out Charlie Chaplin and I have similar taste in style – who would have thought? No moustache – just that we are both a fan of the bowler hat. I’ve been meaning to get one for a while. Mischa Barton and Fearne Cotton make it seem effortless – you throw the hat on with a plain outfit and instantly you have an edge. And as edgy as I can be, I weren’t sure if the hat really suited my look – but on a trip to Brick Lane this weekend, the irresistible price of £20 lured me in to a classic black bowler with a red side feather.

I’m still deciding whether or not to keep the feather… it does make me feel a bit like I could hang out with Top Cat and his gang if I really wanted to. I guess that’s what makes it different though. And to be honest, its slightly kookier than my average choice but I can just see it now, with a pleated maxi skirt, biker jacket and wedge boots - hello winter chic.

We like that woollen halo and the quirky saint that its wearers become. It’s perfect for the winter as it approaches, but keeps the sun out in the mean time. Quote of the week: We love to bowl!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Fashion Icon Alert: Solange Knowles

Fashion icon alert: And she goes by the name of Solange Knowles. Although hidden behind her sister in the music biz, when it comes to fashion, this woman wins hands down. The waistline braids, the Ankara tribal prints, the multicoloured head ties, we urge to greet her with the term ‘Mama Africa’ – and we’re sure she’d reply.

Ditch the silky straight and go for an afro, or even a fade one hair cut, why not? And she rocks it like no other, cool yet neat and quirky. Arguably she’s an unobvious choice when initiating the ‘style icon’ title. Instantly Rihanna comes to mind or Victoria Beckham, but where their style is so thought out, Solange’s look is effortless.

Putting a Fro against our extension obsessed world is a big step to take and indeed she is not the first - along with her big head ties she could give Erykah Badu a run for her money – but her style says more.

That structured Ankara blazer that she wore for the FashizBlack photoshoot (above) was love at first sight – her monochrome Peter Pan collar ensemble with a dash of leopard print reflects her elegance - and the braided Mohican she achieved in that block coloured outfit (above) shows that ANYTHING is possible.

I love that a plain vest top and leather skinny’s can come alive with the addition of a tribal turban. No fringe, no side curls, just beauty. And putting afrocentric aside for a moment, she is no stranger to the 70’s trend, rocking a pair of palazzo pants like it’s her vocation.

Having a clean-cut fashion sense doesn’t always cut it, and Mrs Knowles depicts this to a tee. We like the crazy prints, we love a bright lip, and we adore the natural look. To me, Solange Knowles is fashionista of the moment. All hail Mama Africa!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Fashion's androgynous face

Miss Monae: Queen of the Tailoring

Miss Chung: No stranger to a good pair of braces

Miss Deyn: Know's how to rock some Dr Martens

His top button was loose and hers was done up, something we have now come to accept. We don’t see it as reversed roles, just that she’s a bit kooky. When did fashion become so androgynous? From bowler hats to brogues, from tuxedo blazers to neckties, he can borrow our clothes and we can borrow his. Madness.

Females no longer feel the need to hold on to that instant sex appeal. At lunch with the girls yesterday, all of them had their blouses buttoned to the top. Cleavage covered, curves discrete and hello tailoring. Having an edge these days says more. It speaks volumes.

Arguably there has always been a bit of androgyny in fashion – models remain boobless and fade one haircuts receive a congratulating head nod. But for so many to embrace this look, it shows that we now look to style icons such as Agyness Deyn and Janelle Monae rather than Paris Hilton and… Barbie.

Alexa Chung can be crowned the queen of androgynous fashion - one dungaree ahead of the game and a brogue too many. She shows however that the masculine look is not unattractive but chic. A female does not have to declare to the ends of the earth that she is female with a corset based body con dress. The swag is in the mystery.

Undoubtedly I will still reach for a body con skirt now and then, a crop top here and there and a waist-defining belt will always be amongst my essentials. Though the fact that ladies no longer feel the need to flaunt their assets so obviously, is a fact to celebrate. Quote of the week? Androgyny is the way forward…

Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Flatform

I embraced the chunky heel, clogs, even the stiletto (in its time) but the ‘flat form’ is a trend that needs to be nipped in the bud. I don’t usually like to totally out rule a shoe (aside from crocs) but in this case I had to make an exception.

Introducing the flatform: a ballet flat combined with a platform wedge. For comfort purposes we applaud the designer – the female gender will know longer have to painfully arch their feet all night long, hurrah! She will however seem as if she’s about to float somewhere with the shoe’s uncanny resemblance of a boat. Point blank, I think they are ugly.

Topshop’s selling them ASOS is selling them, truthfully they are destined to grow on me and this is why I don’t like to critique. The likelihood is that next week’s blog post will have pictures of me sporting a cobalt blue pair, saying how much I love them.

With the likes of Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Derek Lam promoting the trend alongside their Spring/Summer ensembles, it is likely to catch on. To those that can rock them nicely, I salute you, though it will be a while till I can picture myself in these interesting shoes fit for a clown.

Following trends isn’t always the route to take, and though I have some temptation to stomp the night away, (literally) for now my normal platforms will see me through…

Sunday, 29 May 2011

I Remember "Casual"...

Victoria Beckham on a "Casual day". Love this look.

Alexa Chung on a "Casual day". Vintage Chic.

Ashley Olsen on a "Casual day". Queen of the wide leg trouser.

En route to the lecture and something comes to mind. Why the girl opposite me wears a chiffon blouse, chino’s and brogues and her friend wears a floral shift dress, feather earrings and peep toe wedges.

My Levi’s are self-explanatory – they say ‘I’m going to lecture’ no if’s, no but’s, no maybe’s.

Life indeed is a catwalk though a catwalk of effortless style. These outfits aren’t planned, they just happen. To be fashionable doesn’t necessarily mean you must look smart or wear clothes of high expense yet still she wears silk to lecture. I am not one to criticise however. Along with my Levi’s I wear a beaded crop top and navy tailored blazer - I am a victim of the ‘dress to impress’ philosophy.

To be honest, ‘casual’ passed us by when it became stylish to fasten your top button on a shirt, and the blazer became a piece of everyday clothing. Now, a minute is required to guess whether a woman in a blazer is going to the shops or a business meeting. Then the introduction of the high waisted, wide leg trouser (rocked to perfection by Ashley Olsen) screams out ‘court hearing’ despite this being an outfit for an ordinary stroll around town.

‘Casual’ will always exist to some extent as denim falls into this category – a fabric that will forever be timeless. Though now heels and flouncy dresses seem less formal in our eyes… or that could just be me. Heels are arguably at the peak of discussion, why wedge’s can pass as ‘casual’ though platforms cannot … though what happens when wedges go out of style? Platforms will then become casual…?

At a time where midi skirts, 70’s jumpsuits and bowler hats are flying off the shelves (and into people’s wardrobes), I figure the best bet is to embrace the ‘non casual culture’. I won’t totally abandon my jeans and flats of course, but the nice feel of a gold button cashmere sweater and a fine pair of Jimmy Choo’s pressed against my feet before lecture does not sound bad at all. It is what it is.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Turban Trend

Turban made with a Scarf from H&M

Kourtney Kardashian with a classy velvet number

Solange adds an African twist to hers

Sarah-Jessica Parker nails the look in Sex and the City 2

As I slipped on my harem pants, white blouse and strappy sandals, I realised I was in need of a fashion fixture to revive my outfit. I turned to the turban - not my usual resolution to a problem but it was a trend that I just had to embrace.

The look is cultural, cute and requires a brave soul to pull it off. With the likes of Kourntney Kardashian, Solange Knowles and Sarah-Jessica Parker sporting the trend, the look is hot for this season. Admittedly I am quite late to the trend - certain trials that made me look like I was auditioning for a part in Aladdin had put me off. After trying on a number of different ones, from velvet to cashmere, I decided to create my own. I used my floral scarf – tied it at the front, then pulled the two bits of fabric to the back of my head, and tucked it in. Simple, chic and a statement look.

I admire the lengths that fashion has now gone to… never in a million years would I have ever pictured myself in a turban, but one thing that I’ve learnt is to never say never when it comes to style. To fit in with the upcoming summer trends, the turban looks best rocked with block colours or floral prints. Quote of the week: Sam loves turbans…