Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Fashion's androgynous face

Miss Monae: Queen of the Tailoring

Miss Chung: No stranger to a good pair of braces

Miss Deyn: Know's how to rock some Dr Martens

His top button was loose and hers was done up, something we have now come to accept. We don’t see it as reversed roles, just that she’s a bit kooky. When did fashion become so androgynous? From bowler hats to brogues, from tuxedo blazers to neckties, he can borrow our clothes and we can borrow his. Madness.

Females no longer feel the need to hold on to that instant sex appeal. At lunch with the girls yesterday, all of them had their blouses buttoned to the top. Cleavage covered, curves discrete and hello tailoring. Having an edge these days says more. It speaks volumes.

Arguably there has always been a bit of androgyny in fashion – models remain boobless and fade one haircuts receive a congratulating head nod. But for so many to embrace this look, it shows that we now look to style icons such as Agyness Deyn and Janelle Monae rather than Paris Hilton and… Barbie.

Alexa Chung can be crowned the queen of androgynous fashion - one dungaree ahead of the game and a brogue too many. She shows however that the masculine look is not unattractive but chic. A female does not have to declare to the ends of the earth that she is female with a corset based body con dress. The swag is in the mystery.

Undoubtedly I will still reach for a body con skirt now and then, a crop top here and there and a waist-defining belt will always be amongst my essentials. Though the fact that ladies no longer feel the need to flaunt their assets so obviously, is a fact to celebrate. Quote of the week? Androgyny is the way forward…


  1. i'm glad it's like this.. women should not be categorized into 'sexy' alone. there's more to us than boobs and waist and ass.

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  4. Great choices of models to showcase, they are all so great!

  5. that's interesting what you wrote about. I think it's great that women can wear very masculine clothes and being edgy is OK. Cuz now we finally have what we were fighting for, for so long;) and very interesting blog:)
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