Sunday, 9 December 2012

Trending Topic: Leave It In 2012


With #LeaveItIn2012 trending all over Twitter we couldn’t help but put together our own list of fashion faux pas’ that would be better off staying in the closet throughout the new year.

Lady Gaga tried to be ‘normal’ putting aside the telephone headgear and raw meat jumpsuits, and instead wearing sheer tights over a thong – yes, in public. We then came to realise that we would take the old wild and crazy Gaga outfits any day.

In contrast, Nikki Minaj chose to cover all at the Grammy Awards, turning up in a silk red nuns habit with the pope on her arm. Our thoughts? Stick to the spandex Nikki. On to the more stylish, Nicola Roberts has always been a fashion favourite, though the ongoing 2012 celebrity assumption that it is ok to go out in just a top, has to stop. Her oversized sports luxe jumper is screaming for a pair of trousers, leggings, anything – though not Rita Ora’s dollar shorts, which we are sure, were borrowed from Jay Z’s 90’s wardrobe.

Lastly we turn to Britney Spears, indeed crop tops are on trend this season, though a slice of midriff is all that is needed. Baring belly button and all with a tight blue mini skirt, makes our eyes hurt a little. And so, a hopeful message to all, please #LeaveItIn2012.   

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Baroque-ing Our Way Through Winter

Having rocked the Dolce & Gabbana catwalk this season, the baroque trend is now rocking all of our wardrobes this winter. Think gold embellishment and black velvet, think heavy jewelry and brocade – and you have baroque in a nutshell. The backlash against minimalism has taken over the high street, with luxe fabrics, and party gear flowing from our very own Topshop, River Island and Asos.

Whether you’re sporting the trend through shades like Rihanna’s Mercura NYC pair, or through a curvaceous floor sweeper like Beyonce, there’s just enough time to jump on it before summer.      

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Style Icon of the Year: Solange Knowles

  Images taken from

If there is anyone that knows how to rock a photo shoot, it is Solange Knowles. As I scrolled through her blog, stylistically named, ‘My Damn blog’, I came across these amazing images. Yes, they were taken months ago for French Glamour, and yes I am late, but I am not ashamed to post them up now, because these images are timeless. There’s no telling if they were taken in the 90’s or 2012. Whatever era, it works. To rock an afro is one thing, but a metallic green biker jacket, pink skater skirt and a retro stereo as a handbag, just puts her in a whole different league.

She has a renowned style that no one else has yet captured. It’s the clashing prints, the tribal flair and the bright colours that keep us buzzing. We’re left with questions like, can I pull off an afro? Can I do leopard print and stripes? Should I shave my head? – That bold move of hers is maybe slightly too bold for some of us, though anyone that makes us question our style, is a stylist in their own right. Solange Knowles, we salute you.    

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Kristen Stewart Rocks the Red Carpet

Kristen at the LA and London premiere's for Twilight Breaking Dawn 2, wearing Zuhair Murad

Kristen at the Twilight premiere in Madrid
Kristen and her co-stars, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson
Kristen wearing Julien Macdonald
Kristen's old school trainer frenzy
So Twilight: Breaking dawn part 2 is out *Screams* and Miss Kristen Stewart is back with a bang. Despite being branded Hollywood home wrecker of the year no one can fault her show stopping dress sense (for this week only, all is forgiven!).

Roaming the red carpets day to day in her jaw dropping sheer outfits to promote the much-awaited Twilight movie, she has managed to keep the nation gripped. Her stand out piece was of course, the lace, nude floor-length bodice number – causing many to double take to see if she was wearing any clothes at all.  She wore another Zuhair Murad outfit a few days later with a sheer embellished jumpsuit again covering just the vital areas. Thumbs up to the new risk-taking Kristen.

Her yellow Christian Dior skater dress was more subtle yet still a stand out piece, giving the ensemble a quirky edge with printed monochrome heels. Gone are the days of the comfortable trainers that Kristen used to slip on mid red carpet. The new fashion forward Kristen can take the pain.

In Berlin it was all about the elegance as she wore an Ellie Saab classic gold floor sweeper with a high rise slit. With no wardrobe malfunctions and no insane fashion faux pas’ could Miss Stewart possibly rank in the top 3 fashion icons of the year?   

(Images taken from Grazia Daily) 

Friday, 9 November 2012

Rihanna & Kate Moss Leak Photo's For V Magazine


(Images taken from Rihanna's Instagram)

Well we didn’t see this one coming… but then again we kind of did. Where nudity is involved you can trust that Kate and Rihanna will be at the scene. Two women that are not afraid to bare all for the cause of fashion. And fashionable it is.  An intimate, edgy take on Barbie and Ken or 50 shades of Moss if you like – with Rihanna playing tall dark and handsome and Kate as a seductive princess. Take it as you will, though what it really is, is V magazine’s March 2013 photo shoot leaked.

Thanks to Miss Riri herself who posted the images from the Mario Testino shoot prematurely on Instagram, we see that March is set to be a less-is-more kind of month. Despite the girls wearing very little, their statement pieces such as the gold-fringed neck cuff, structured blazer and lace body suit is clearly all that is needed.

When two fashion icons come together, it’s always magic. The images are timeless. Roll on March…

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Kardashian's Take the UK

 KimKourtney and Khloe wearing the Kardashian Kollection

                                                    Oxford Street Store just before the big launch

                                                   Key pieces from Dorothy Perkins Online Look book

                                                          (Images taken from Dorothy Perkins website) 

Plunge necklines, crisp tailored blazers and the legendary hourglass silhouette can only mean one thing… the Kountdown is over - the Kardashian Kollection has officially launched in our very own Dorothy Perkins!

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe have had us pining over the collection for too long as they jetted from Miami to New York on our TV screens vamping up their Dash stores. It goes without saying, our English invititation was well over due.

The girls’ new range has a sexy Kardashian-esque feel, with killer-curve pencil dresses reminding us of Kim, bohemian draped blouses like Kourtney and it includes all the animal prints that Khloe loves to rock.

This winter’s staple – the leather/PU jacket is a key piece to the collection with a unique asymmetric appeal, as well as leather panel leggings, black piped dresses and lace midi skirts. The feisty goddess is revealed. With a range encouraging women to embrace their curves, it couldn’t have come at a better time with Christmas around the corner!

The clothes are available from today onwards and the girls will be at Westfields on Saturday for the big launch event. Kardashian girls, we salute.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Rita Ora's cover for ASOS

Images - Asos Facebook & Rita Ora Web

I was yet to feel her ‘ora’ until now. Music aside, all I saw was a mannequin who let her stylists go wild, trying to reflect individuality through miss-matched clothing and a red lip. Her Asos September issue cover shoot however changed things for me. A custom made studded jacket, a sheer black and gold embroidered jumpsuit and stating that new British designer Ashley Williams is her favourite - I have been swayed. Despite daily soirees with boss Jay Z and Mr Kardashian she still manages to stay true to her hometown. And with humble replies to the Rihanna comparisons saying, “It’s a great comparison but I don’t think about it. When the album’s out, it’s going to separate me from that without even having to say anything” – we’re pleased she’s trying to find her own feet in the music game.

Despite their matching tee’s at Hackney Weekend Rita’s style is somewhat different to Rihanna’s. More hood, than feminine.  Honestly speaking, I had left Timberland boots somewhere back with Snoop Dogg in the ‘Gin n Juice’ video, but Miss Ora most definitely has the power to make them catch on. She stylistically balances baggy jeans and snap backs with a pop of red lipstick and those luscious locks. As far as I can remember, the last female singer to have had this signature look was Aaliyah. Making menswear sexy… a trend in the making. Though her spandex fit jumpsuit with gold petal detailing (worn for the Asos shoot) shows she has curves, and then some.

The dark brow, the blonde hair, the red lipstick… indeed it has been done before but no one does it like Rita.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Beyonce's Braids

It’s safe to say we never saw this one coming. Where long curly locks have played a central part to her performances, head banging and all, Beyonce has now traded it all in for braids. The stage's wind machine no longer has a purpose. As with every look, Bey is rocking the braids well. Statement bun, model-esque pony tail whoever could be her inspiration? Little sis, Solange maybe? Undoubtedly her sister has taken on box braids as her own, over the last few years, bringing back the side pony and working the African head tie. Though as both sisters are taking a step outside of the female-celebs-must-have-long-glossy-weave cycle, we must congratulate them for their break through. For those who aren't rocking the look already, after Beyonce's input the trend is sure to catch on. Knowles sisters, we salute.

Monday, 16 July 2012

British Heritage Trend


Tweed, plaid and herringbone can only mean one thing, the British Heritage trend is here. A look fit to take a stroll in the countryside, or as recently shown, fit to rock most of the Autumn/Winter 2012 catwalk shows. Throw on a tweed pencil skirt, white chiffon blouse and a boxy jacket – Coco Chanel is our muse.

Burberry Prorsum, Chloé and Tommy Hilfiger channelled the style through structured blazers, crisp tapered trousers and long-line coats, adding an edge with a raised collar. Keeping up appearances follows the season’s trend, where looking posh no longer receives a turned up nose. We look for style inspiration from the local horse rider, with hareem pants and knee-high boots featured heavily in the Tommy Hilfiger collection. We also look to masculine figures for British Heritage inspiration and unsurprisingly our grandma’s! Brits do it best. God save the queen!

                                                                                                           Harper's Bazaar, Asos images

Monday, 13 February 2012

Alexander Wang: NY Showcase

As Mr Wang introduces us to the human muzzle, we wonder how we ever before kept our faces from the cold. Yes, his New York Fashion week Fall 2012 showcase had a glint of mystery with fishnet and sheer face cover-ups and an array of structured ensembles. Leather from head to toe appears to no longer be a crime as long-line biker jackets paired with knee high leather boots, dominated the runway (Sandy would be happy). 

A number of contrast panel coats were rocked, in monochrome and burgundy – with the standout piece most definitely being the leather and fur jumpsuit - gorilla meets style veteran - love it! Lastly we were shown that the legendary puffer jacket works just as well on the catwalk as it does in the rap videos - if not better. Alexander Wang, j'adore!

Monday, 6 February 2012

All Aboard: Chanel Couture Show

Last week Karl Lagerfield showed us that the standard wooden floor ‘A to B’ catwalk is just not good enough (and why should it be?). Taking us sky high in Grand Palais with his Chanel Couture range, an array of intricate gowns flowed down the centre of… wait for it … an aeroplane! Full marks for creativity, double points for the amazing couture.

Led by a trail of Mohawks, we saw sophistication meet intergalactic shades of blue shimmery gowns, patent look blazers, ruffled hemlines and sheer maxi’s. The space raider is reborn.

Feather fascinators, oval neck coats and low-waist pockets were key features along with structured blazers, palazzo pants and embellished floor sweepers. The highlight: A long sleeve diamond encrusted mini, with puffball trail. Largerfield, we salute. 

Can’t wait to see where the next Chanel show will be held!