Friday, 9 November 2012

Rihanna & Kate Moss Leak Photo's For V Magazine


(Images taken from Rihanna's Instagram)

Well we didn’t see this one coming… but then again we kind of did. Where nudity is involved you can trust that Kate and Rihanna will be at the scene. Two women that are not afraid to bare all for the cause of fashion. And fashionable it is.  An intimate, edgy take on Barbie and Ken or 50 shades of Moss if you like – with Rihanna playing tall dark and handsome and Kate as a seductive princess. Take it as you will, though what it really is, is V magazine’s March 2013 photo shoot leaked.

Thanks to Miss Riri herself who posted the images from the Mario Testino shoot prematurely on Instagram, we see that March is set to be a less-is-more kind of month. Despite the girls wearing very little, their statement pieces such as the gold-fringed neck cuff, structured blazer and lace body suit is clearly all that is needed.

When two fashion icons come together, it’s always magic. The images are timeless. Roll on March…


  1. Riri and Kate Moss <3 I love it!

  2. they are awesome!!


  3. Unas fotos muy subidas de tono pero geniales! ;)

  4. Super sexy photos!