Thursday, 2 August 2012

Rita Ora's cover for ASOS

Images - Asos Facebook & Rita Ora Web

I was yet to feel her ‘ora’ until now. Music aside, all I saw was a mannequin who let her stylists go wild, trying to reflect individuality through miss-matched clothing and a red lip. Her Asos September issue cover shoot however changed things for me. A custom made studded jacket, a sheer black and gold embroidered jumpsuit and stating that new British designer Ashley Williams is her favourite - I have been swayed. Despite daily soirees with boss Jay Z and Mr Kardashian she still manages to stay true to her hometown. And with humble replies to the Rihanna comparisons saying, “It’s a great comparison but I don’t think about it. When the album’s out, it’s going to separate me from that without even having to say anything” – we’re pleased she’s trying to find her own feet in the music game.

Despite their matching tee’s at Hackney Weekend Rita’s style is somewhat different to Rihanna’s. More hood, than feminine.  Honestly speaking, I had left Timberland boots somewhere back with Snoop Dogg in the ‘Gin n Juice’ video, but Miss Ora most definitely has the power to make them catch on. She stylistically balances baggy jeans and snap backs with a pop of red lipstick and those luscious locks. As far as I can remember, the last female singer to have had this signature look was Aaliyah. Making menswear sexy… a trend in the making. Though her spandex fit jumpsuit with gold petal detailing (worn for the Asos shoot) shows she has curves, and then some.

The dark brow, the blonde hair, the red lipstick… indeed it has been done before but no one does it like Rita.