Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Prozena Schouler A/W 11

Prozena Schouler has officially confirmed my look for this Autumn/Winter. Rebelling against the common assumption that winter must be dull and grey, we say hello to clashing prints, colour and a native theme reminding us of the nomads – or to the modern eye, a tribalistic icon.

Genius is the clash of the print. Winter wear becomes bold, as the stylistic duo brings us to question, why the pattern on our jumper should match our trousers. Playing it safe is not an option. The NY based designers introduce vibrancy to winter wear that is often hidden most conveniently behind a big coat – we’ve all done it!
Analytically looking at it, the Schouler’s classic jumpers and loose fit harem pants aren’t really a bold move, it’s the clashing patterns that show bravery.

So I’m thinking I’ll pace myself into the trend. I’ll begin with a pair of tribal cropped trousers and a plain black blouse then when the time is right, I’ll throw a kooky jumper into the mix. I’m ready for the snow!

Hats off to Prozena Schouler on this one - we salute you. 


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  4. love this collection!!

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