Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Turban Trend

Turban made with a Scarf from H&M

Kourtney Kardashian with a classy velvet number

Solange adds an African twist to hers

Sarah-Jessica Parker nails the look in Sex and the City 2

As I slipped on my harem pants, white blouse and strappy sandals, I realised I was in need of a fashion fixture to revive my outfit. I turned to the turban - not my usual resolution to a problem but it was a trend that I just had to embrace.

The look is cultural, cute and requires a brave soul to pull it off. With the likes of Kourntney Kardashian, Solange Knowles and Sarah-Jessica Parker sporting the trend, the look is hot for this season. Admittedly I am quite late to the trend - certain trials that made me look like I was auditioning for a part in Aladdin had put me off. After trying on a number of different ones, from velvet to cashmere, I decided to create my own. I used my floral scarf – tied it at the front, then pulled the two bits of fabric to the back of my head, and tucked it in. Simple, chic and a statement look.

I admire the lengths that fashion has now gone to… never in a million years would I have ever pictured myself in a turban, but one thing that I’ve learnt is to never say never when it comes to style. To fit in with the upcoming summer trends, the turban looks best rocked with block colours or floral prints. Quote of the week: Sam loves turbans…

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