Monday, 21 March 2011

London Fashion Weekend

Flashing lights, mystery silhouettes and the female public drawn to dramatic silence – the ultimate signs that London Fashion Weekend had begun.

And there I sat with my camera clasped in my right hand, eyes jittering with only two rows separating me from the Swarovski that glided down the catwalk (front row dreams drawing near). Presenter Zara Martin’s nude bandeau ensemble set the pace for the hot designs that were to follow – and at a flick of a light the show had commenced.

Swan Vesta’s Black Swan theme explored tutu’s in all different forms, confirming that the ballerina lifestyle is one to seek next season. Designer, Bora Aksu’s subtle tones and nude snippets showed femininity with a futuristic edge - using eccentric shapes and ruffle detailing to enhance certain assets. But overall it was Mark Fast that held the crown with his flamboyant Spring/Summer 11 collection.

For a girl who loves fringing, I was in my element. Tresses of fringing draped down sheer maxi gowns with added crochet patterns revealing small peeps of skin. Come to think of it, exposed flesh played a huge part in his line though in a tasteful sense of course (summer is the only season that allows you to bare all).

Fast’s final pieces of Swarovski diamond encrusted dresses revealed a luxurious, rather pricey summer ahead though for me to rock the trend, my customising skills would have to lead the way - as real diamonds only reside in my dreams. My favourite piece was a black crochet dress with muticoloured tassels that fell just below the waist. Its ethnic appeal was the main attraction, as well as the urge to shake in it if you had it on, or that could just be me...

Before I knew it however, the depressing moment had come, when the, the music fades, the lights go down and in this case, disappointment was to follow. For the first time at one of these fashion events, I left empty handed. There was no denying that they had enough to sell with 50 plus rooms of designer fashion, though the clothes were… dare I say it … average.

Nothing was really out of the ordinary in my opinion. The vintage lover would have been pleased as most of the rooms were filled with vintage and even clothes that weren’t, had that ‘worn a few times’ look. I like a bit f vintage now and then but the clothes they were selling really didn’t shout out my name. The things that did catch my eye were £300.00 and above and the most unique items that I saw were by shoe designer Finsk whose stuff is already for sale on ASOS – so nothing really new there.

Ultimately, it was sad times on the shopping part, and good times on the fashion show. I guess us shopaholics must be restricted now and then. Whether I will go next year is a question itself. Probably not if I'm honest… London Fashion WEEK will be my next escapade…

All I need now is an invite…

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