Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Confessions of a Shortaholic...

It has come to my attention as of the last year that I am guilty of being a self-confessed shortaholic. As far as the wise cracks go, this has no relation to my height, but to the beautiful invention they call shorts.

I live in these things, small ones to be exact, come rain or shine, come summer or winter – I’m in them. They just reflect a cute-chic element and ultimately are more fun than your average trouser leg. My epiphany to embrace my inner leg has now led to carrot corduroy styles, khaki culottes, and vintage Levi’s – my staples. Nicole Richie was somewhat of an inspiration to this new love of mine as naturally I admire her style, though the snapshot of her in tiny denim shorts, opaque tights, a tailored blazer and black shoe boots in the middle of freezing February was the turning point for me – and I have never looked back.

My most recent purchase was a camel high-waisted, corduroy pair from Pull and Bear in Westfields. Despite the absence of fabric to three quarters of the leg, I feel that corduroy is more acceptable for the winter weather, hence this being my second pair. And more and more it has come to my attention as I look around that I am the only one wearing shorts in winter though all I can say is that the shortaholic within me speaks volumes. And yes, the word ‘shortaholic’ hasn’t quite made it to the dictionary, but if it had, underneath would be my picture beside Nicole Richie and possibly Katy Perry – though the ‘hot pant’ category is more her field. Though unlike most addictions, this one is not considered to be a problem, it’s more like a sweet compulsion, that needs no alterations...

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