Sunday, 29 May 2011

I Remember "Casual"...

Victoria Beckham on a "Casual day". Love this look.

Alexa Chung on a "Casual day". Vintage Chic.

Ashley Olsen on a "Casual day". Queen of the wide leg trouser.

En route to the lecture and something comes to mind. Why the girl opposite me wears a chiffon blouse, chino’s and brogues and her friend wears a floral shift dress, feather earrings and peep toe wedges.

My Levi’s are self-explanatory – they say ‘I’m going to lecture’ no if’s, no but’s, no maybe’s.

Life indeed is a catwalk though a catwalk of effortless style. These outfits aren’t planned, they just happen. To be fashionable doesn’t necessarily mean you must look smart or wear clothes of high expense yet still she wears silk to lecture. I am not one to criticise however. Along with my Levi’s I wear a beaded crop top and navy tailored blazer - I am a victim of the ‘dress to impress’ philosophy.

To be honest, ‘casual’ passed us by when it became stylish to fasten your top button on a shirt, and the blazer became a piece of everyday clothing. Now, a minute is required to guess whether a woman in a blazer is going to the shops or a business meeting. Then the introduction of the high waisted, wide leg trouser (rocked to perfection by Ashley Olsen) screams out ‘court hearing’ despite this being an outfit for an ordinary stroll around town.

‘Casual’ will always exist to some extent as denim falls into this category – a fabric that will forever be timeless. Though now heels and flouncy dresses seem less formal in our eyes… or that could just be me. Heels are arguably at the peak of discussion, why wedge’s can pass as ‘casual’ though platforms cannot … though what happens when wedges go out of style? Platforms will then become casual…?

At a time where midi skirts, 70’s jumpsuits and bowler hats are flying off the shelves (and into people’s wardrobes), I figure the best bet is to embrace the ‘non casual culture’. I won’t totally abandon my jeans and flats of course, but the nice feel of a gold button cashmere sweater and a fine pair of Jimmy Choo’s pressed against my feet before lecture does not sound bad at all. It is what it is.

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