Monday, 15 June 2009

Fashionb-elle by Sam

Fashion is the one. It can either scream or whisper a person’s personality though no matter what, it says something about you and that’s why I love it. I aspire to be in the field because it’s creative. There’s no boundaries, no rules, just fun and that’s the way it should be right? An outfit always looks hot as long as the person wearing it knows it, because once they know, others believe it.

My names Sam and I’m 17 years old. I created this blog to show fashion through my eyes and for people to hopefully like and give me their views on my perception and the clothes featured… that and I thought it would be fun. And through my eyes? fashion is only sweet when it’s affordable, and as nice as designer clothes are, Primark has got me a long way in life. Topshop and Primark are my number one shops amongst others. Yeah, the prices are varied, but that mix results in an ‘on point’ dress sense. After shopping it’s easy to throw out the old to make room for the new but that’s not the case for me because when an outfit gets old, I modify it/customise it and just like that, it’s a new unique addition to my wardrobe. Cos to be totally real, it’s the recession out here so you can’t just be throwing out clothes all willy nilly. But don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to shop.

My style is quite varied and in three words I would describe it as fun, cute and diverse. I don’t have a specific look I go for, I just buy what I think looks good really, like, I say, whatever clothes shout out my name even though my friends think I’m kinda weird for saying that, but what I mean is, you know when something’s you. I tend to like things that define the waist so right now skinny waist belts are like uniform for me lol. I wear a lot of cute mini dresses and tunics (usually with leggings). But then love funky printed tees and that whole retro look. As well as that I like wearing cultural clothes, now known as tribal print, as my sister makes and designs dresses in that specialised area. She makes me loads of dresses and with them all being free I can’t resist! I enjoy experimenting with clothes that I wouldn’t wear at first glance, if even a top is 3 sizes bigger than me, once rocked with a cinched waist belt, it’s a hot purchase. Those things there are what fashion is to me, making something out of nothing…

Colour 4 me

Ted baker London bag from Asos, Tunic from Topshop, Mustard Cardigan from H&M, Leapord print belt and leggings from Primark, Sandals and Multicoloured headband from Dorothy Perkins

This was taken before I went to Graduate fashion week on Thursday, which was amazing by the way. It was really inspirational and from that it was clear to me why there’s so much competition to get into fashion designing because the talent out there is mad. Fashion journalism is still where I wanna be though.

In this outfit a woman asked to take a picture of me to put in her portfolio because her main theme was colour. I felt like a star :) . I’m in love wit the boho look this summer which is why I wore the multicoloured headband. I went for the whole colour clash to stand out and to channel my excitement of the day. The red Ted Baker bag finished the look. It’s one of my favourite purchases 4 now.

Tribal Man

Dress- Recycled mens top, Suede belt from Primark

My Baby's (from River Island)
The dress above is my brother’s old top that was sent for him from Sierra Leone. I decided to put a waist belt with it and yay! A cute dress for me! Tribal print is very on trend at the moment but being originally from Sierra Leone, it’s nothing new to me and I think it’s a hot look, especially for the summer season. Whether it be with gladiators or platforms like the ones I’m wearing here, it’s an effortless look which always brightens up the ensemble. I like.

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