Sunday, 19 December 2010

Dreams of visiting China...

Now we must not stereotype a group of people, but in a complementary circumstance, I believe its ok. With that, follows my love for the Chinese fashion sense. It goes without saying that these people can dress, a fact that I already knew but now know more than ever.

On walking through a group of Chinese ladies, the Mulberry bag clasped in one’s hand teased me, her friend’s silk blouse (buttoned to the top), fitted mini cream tailored blazer with satin black lapels, spoke so many words with fierce being the first. The other’s Louis V glasses and peculiar shaped hair bun made me second-guess myself, “Am I fashionable – enough?.”

What is this amazing country that is, China? Where everyone looks like they just stepped out of Fashion Week. Fashion here in London, is not so bad. It’s quite hot to be honest, but I know where all the clothes are from… her shoes are from Topshop – her vintage Levis are from Camden market - her jacket is from French Connection and… I have that hat. There is no wonder, no surprise, little differentiation. But with the Chinese, you’ll be guessing for years! The fake designer brands look real, the real designer brands strive envy and the stylists are non-existent. The fashion concoctions put together scream excellence though, effortless style. Corded socks and sandals that one wouldn't dream to wear, Charlotte Olympia heels to lectures – that some would find unpractical, a snood rocked across one shoulder to keep the torso warm… Genius.

England indeed, rank pretty high in the fashion chart but this is my own guilty confession that I surprisingly don’t feel bad about… CHINA I WANT YOUR STYLE.

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