Thursday, 13 May 2010

No more Coco's?

Coco Chanel wearing signature Chanel suit (1923)
Lady Gaga - In "Telephone" video
So as I finished watching Coco before Chanel (fully and embarrassingly aware that I'm atleast 2 years late) the inspiration that I got was unbelievable. Coco Chanel was a woman who was not afraid to break the boundaries and 'let the waist go'. At a time of uncomfortable corsets and fussy trims she wore loose fitted garments made from mens workwear fabrics - a look that women of that time did not understand. Now arguably today's fashion is more extreme, yet today we are so much more understanding. Though why? Why when Chanel ditched a corset and threw on a blazer the people of the 1920's went wild... how unfeminine? How Peculiar? Though today you can wear a telephone on your head and no one would say any different (Well truly speaking, once you've seen Gaga, you've seen it all) Though the issue is raised of if we will we ever be suprised by fashion again?
The answer is YES. In Coco Chanel's time, being an individual was arguably easier, women followed the same basic trends. Today women try to outdo each other stylewise so arguably this is more exciting, yes? New designs today may not be considered groundbreaking news as Coco Chanel's LBD was though the fact that the nation are so open to these changes shows that we are a fashion forward nation which may potentially all be wearing telephone's on our heads... the convienience excites me.

And so we're thankful, to designers that made the way for telephone hats, 'Kermit the frog' outfits and spandex jump suits, though what is still to come is going to undoubtebly be something to look forward to...

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