Sunday, 13 December 2009

Clothes Show Live

Pink Faux Fur Scarf

Men's Faux Fur Trousers

The Pac man hat

As the lights went up and the crowd started to roar, it hit me that I was at one of the biggest fashion events for aspiring fashionista's like me... Clothes show live. And yes, walking in a line beside my sister and two cousins holding the card board bags we were greeted with at the door, screamed Sex And The City in so many ways. Before I had time to flick back my (cropped) Carrie Bradshaw curls the show had started. Opened with Gok Wan, Dave Berry and one of my style icons, Fearne Cotton, the christmas themed show began ranging from high fashion garments to sexy christmas gear. Key pieces mirrored the high street furry craze with huge spiked faux fur scarves and bags. The men infact had huge furry trousers to match which could be a potential trend for 2010...? Funky multi coloured prints were modelled in a robotic style mirroring their structured shape. And knitted versions of the Pac man space hat made big by Giles Deacon were modelled. Now despite looking like an astronaut, the Pac man hat is really the warmest solution for winter and one that I've realised I have to invest in... when I find one...
Sadly, after an hour the show came to a close but we spent another 6 hours shopping in the arena! The zones were huge, too much to get around but WE MANAGED. When it comes to shopping, we always manage. There was high street, vintage and designer clothes, shoes and accesories all at reasonable prices. I literally felt like I had been let loose in a candy shop, it was heaven. Well... admittedly it was pain fighting through the crowds of hungry women to get a good buy but my hot purchases said otherwise. I got loads of stunning jewelery pieces from a company named Bling Asia, a thick knit beige (blue rim) cardigan (the new love in my life) from a stall named Upper 5th - which some of their lines have been launched in Topshop so it may be available in store. I also got a black fringed side bag - pictures are still to come. On the whole it was a great day, models were scouted, at 5 ft 2 I was less fortunate though this new year seems promising, I've got a good feeling about the invention of the 12 inch heel. And with Clothes Show coming to London this year I am ecstatic because the less money spent on travel, means more shopping for me. I like.

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