Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Lipsy baby


So this picture was taken on the day of my birthday which was fun fun fun! It's weird because being a person who loves wearing bright colours, on two party occasions now I've been in black from head to toe. It's not because it's a safe option, it's just because it's hot. Despite the colour usually being associated with funerals and goths it also carries a classiness which has drawn me to it! I added a hint of colour wearing my red lipstick. I was indeed a lipstick virgin, with the fear of looking like I was playing dress ups in my mums room, but it was a look that had to be done (and one that may just be a 'keeper'). My whole look was mainly inspired by Rihanna because I just love her style and the daring looks that she portrays. Here I am wearin a Lipsy lace shoulder pad top which i purchased from ASOS, I absolutley love the lace look because the thing with lace is that it's sexy but suitable. Quote of the week: Sam Loves Lipsy.

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